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You can tell a lot about a Company by the Company we keep:

  • Our Business Partners and Clients are currently predominantly Blue Chip Big-Pharma.  Therefore, molecule2marketplace can bring extensive Corporate experience of working in Global ‘virtual’ matrix organisations for maximum operational excellence.
  • Molecule2marketplace Business Partners also include other UK based Regulatory Consultancy Companies.

What Our Business Partners Say:
“Jonathan is a very experienced, highly thought of professional. I have worked with Jonathan over many years and can recommend him thoroughly.” Managing Director, Global Regulatory Affairs Recruitment and Regulatory Consultancy Company.

“I have seen molecule2marketplace operate on several projects and in several situations and their work was thorough, professional and well thought out.” Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs Consultant, Leading Global Pharmaceutical Company.

“I recommend molecule2marketplace who are a very experienced regulatory affairs company and bring many years of product experience to the team. We have worked together on projects and I strongly value their leadership, regulatory knowledge and scientific rigor.” Owner, Regulatory Consulting Services Ltd.

What Our Business Clients Say:
Here are some examples of our current Business Client’s perception &/ or experience of molecule2marletplace.  We understand that building & maintaining relationships through active listening & continuous improvement initiatives are essential to continued Business Success.

 “Molecule2marketplace is expert on UK Regulatory Requirements for all dossier types, and is excellent Company to partner with.” Head of Global Clinical Trial Regulatory Unit, Regional Regulatory Affairs, Global Blue Chip Bio-Pharmaceutical Company.

“Jonathan is a highly skilled and very capable regulatory professional. He has in-depth knowledge of global drug development and interpreting regulations. In addition to leading the tactical efforts on a large development programs, Jonathan understands and is able to convey the larger strategic picture for a team and can lead their efforts to support it. Jonathan has extensive experience with EU-related, clinical trials, product labeling and drug approvals. This well rounded experience makes Jonathan a very effective regulatory leader.”  Associate Director, Worldwide Regulatory Strategy, Global Blue Chip Bio-Pharmaceutical Company.

“Jonathan is a very easy person to work with and a real team player. He always provided updates/ information in a timely manner.” Worldwide Regulatory Strategy, Global Blue Chip Bio-Pharmaceutical Company.

 “Jonathan is a solid regulatory professional.” Senior Director, Worldwide Regulatory Strategy, Global Blue Chip Bio-Pharmaceutical Company.

“I've had the pleasure of working with molecule2marketplace in a leadership role on a cross department initiative. I found them very easy to work with and competent in their leadership skills. They were inclusive, appropriately relayed expectations, and provided timely updates on the team's progress on meeting milestones/goals. I would gladly elect to work with molecule2marketplace again.” QA Manager - GCP, Global Blue Chip Bio-Pharmaceutical Company.

 “Molecule2marketplace is a highly experienced regulatory company. My knowledge of this comes from first-hand experience with molecule2marketplace at meetings with the EMA Rapporteur for a high profile centralised product. Molecule2marketplace was the EU Regulatory Lead at these meetings and these discussions involved negotiations on clinical development plans and study designs.” Senior Director, Clinical Development, Global Blue Chip Bio-Pharmaceutical Company.

“Molecule2marketplace worked as a very dedicated EU regulatory strategist. They managed a high profile and complex product, showing a good understanding of the regulatory environment in Europe and a high standard of work.” Worldwide Regulatory Strategy Line Manager, Global Blue Chip Bio-Pharmaceutical Company.

“Jonathan has an expansive understanding of pharmaceutical development and regulatory strategy. This, along with his strong work ethic, his excellent communication skills, and his pleasant demeanor has made every project we have worked on achieve a positive outcome.” Senior Director, Therapeutic Area Head, Cardiovascular (CV), Global Blue Chip Bio-Pharmaceutical Company.

“Molecule2marketplace is a very experienced regulatory provider with a wide breadth of experience that is ably applied to new projects/situations. Molecule2marketplace has a excellent network of contacts and solid understanding of EU Regulatory Agencies and procedures. Their leadership and team work skills are well honed, enabling molecule2marketplace to fit into any company and hit the ground running to deliver consistent superior quality.” Director, Worldwide Regulatory Strategy, Global Blue Chip Bio-Pharmaceutical Company.

“Jonathan is an excellent team player, supportive from both the techinical and interpersonal skill perspectives of teams I've worked with him on. Consistently, always ready to help and listen, and always with great ideas and thoughts”. Quality Assurance, Qualified Person, Global Blue Chip Bio-Pharmaceutical Company.

“I have over the last year been working with molecule2marketplace in a couple of process teams (team lead and another being a team member) with significant demands for delivery and challenging timelines. Molecule2marketplace has led the team very well, consistently delivered quality, stayed focused, and has had an excellent attitude throughout. Great to work with!” Regional Clinical Operations Director, Global Blue Chip Bio-Pharmaceutical Company.

I have worked with Jonathan for several years now and can fully recommend him. He is personable, diligent, thorough and very knowledgeable in his area of expertise. Jonathan is a great team player whilst at the same time an excellent leader.” Clinical Research Associate (CRA), Global Blue Chip Bio-Pharmaceutical Company.